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Here's a couple of posts I placed elsewhere which might go someway to explaining why you might pay a lot for a mic like a Neumann U47 when there are a bunch of excelent clones out there:


Any terms for describing it would be necessarily subjective because we wouldnt be using the same lexicon (no pun intended). If you havent heard one it probably defies description. I guess if I was pushed I'd say that generically a U47 is big and warm and kind of 3d and natural. That might apply to most of it's clones out there too. The difference then between them is in the detail. So if you put the clone I have (Peluso 2247LE) against the Telefunken AE you might say that the Peluso was slightly midscooped and a little harsh in the highs. (You probably wouldnt notice that if you heard the peluso on its own and had never heard the real thing) but if you put the AE against the M you might say well actually the AE sounds a bit reedy on top. Make sense?

What makes it worth som much? Well, that's subjective too. It might never be worth that much to you. But for the engineer who is looking for that extra something and has cash (that would otherwise go to the taxman) to spend...
Hope this is in some way useful.
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