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Originally Posted by Jeremy Lumsden View Post
Hey guys.

Strictly speaking the promotion is dead but DV still have some promotional stock (& more due) which contain the vouchers and Arturia will honour these codes.
Cheers Jeremy! Makes a bit more sense.

@Sureno: no, haven't used the Arturia forums at all yet. I got CS-80V and Prophet V in the last 2 for 1, but have barely had time to play with 'em yet. No huge issues yet other than one pretty spectacular crash with Prophet that I've been unable (thankfully) to repeat, so no reason to hit up their forums. In any case...

@Monarch: good post, I think what you're saying is generally true. The price of VSTi plug-ins is going to have to come down, not only in response to the major DAW manufacturers giving away so much, but I think in general people are going to be spending less on these sorts of things in the current financial climate (I know I will be!) It's unfortunate because I do realise how much work goes into them and that it takes a ridiculous amount of time & effort to put together the good ones, but by the same token, if they're all half the price hopefully they sell twice as many and at least break even.
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