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Originally Posted by sureno View Post
have you been on their forums recently? dead, no response from admin nothing, i think they might be relying on origin to pull them out of some serious hot water, it wouldn't surprise me if they went the way giga did
I thought Arturia were doing really well. Their plugins for the most part have received excellent reviews.

Maybe the VSTi market is just so congested now, perhaps it simply cannot financially sustain all the devs currently making a living from it anymore.It would not surprise me if the move by Cakewalk, Steinberg, Logic (years ago) and more recently Digi to develop their own in house instruments, really hit the likes of Tascam and maybe Arturia pretty hard.

Arturia I think have one or two Roland a Fantom ships with Sonar Vstudio. It would not surprise me to see more Roland synths in Sonar's future (surely) at cheaper price points.There was a time were Native instruments for instance really had a fairly unchallenged target market to aim for as Cubase, Protools and Cakewalk had hardly any Synth offerings of their own...say 4 - 6 years ago.

That time frame for the Synth market also saw Reason really take off in a big way. Maybe Propellerheads made enough money to sustain their development into the future (back then) but others like Tascam clearly did not. Summer NAMM used to have big software announcements..even that seemed to dry up a bit over the last two years.

I really think Digi (with A.I.R/Wizoo), Cubase, Cakewalk e.t.c have really shifted the market focus to their own offerings perhaps deciding to try re routing the revenue that was going into 3rd party coffers for so many years, into their own revenue stream.

Logics price drop was another huge problem most likely for 3rd party synth and even FX devs.... Logic has about 80 Fx and 40 Instruments for about the same price as some third party synths and even some 3rd party FX bundles. It's a much harder place for 3rd party sofware devs IMO. Host devs have problems of their own and are squeezing the synth and Fx Market place more and more so they themselves can survive.

The music software market place is just so competitive. Add all the free offerings as well (many of which are *very* good indeed) and really it does not look like it will get any easier for 3rd party devs.
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