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Originally Posted by EdRyan View Post
That said, I'd still pick my HD25's over a pair of sony. They are lighter and easier to wear for long periods, and unlike the sony sets. If something breaks, the senn's are designed to be taken apart and just fit the new part.
When I listened to my mate's HD25s, I noticed how tightly they clamped down on my head. Very 'snug' - useful for minimal leakage and great for DJs, but not so great if you wear specs (like me) - they really began to hurt after a while.

They sounded decent, although the typical side-effects of a closed cup headphone were present - overly present midrange frequencies and slightly OTT bass response (which personally I like, but is not preferable in a critical listening or mixdown environment). By contrast, my own HD650s have only sounded better and better since I bought them almost three years ago - wonderful sound, even for open-backed headphones in their price range - they also extend right down into low bass frequencies without complaining, and have a wonderfully airy, even high frequency response which isn't harsh on the ears whatsoever.

Also, their around-the-ear design (as opposed to the ear pads pushing down on your ears' pinnae) means you pretty much wear them all day without any problems (even me, and I wear specs all day) - I sometimes wear them in bed to listen to the radio or my MP3 player.

An aside: the cable which came with mine was pretty bad for microphonics, but when one of the lead's connectors broke, I ordered another stock cable from Brian at SennheiserSpares (at around 7pm on a Thursday evening!) - and even then, he took my order and despatched the cable quickly.

This newer cable, whilst still the same old official Sennheiser HD650 cable, has much improved microphonics over the old cable - you can rub it against clothing or run your hands up and down it and it's much less pronounced. Possibly with something like a Zu Mobius, Cardas or Russ Andrews aftermarket cable you'll get better microphonics, but then again I'm not prepared to spend almost as much as the cost of the headphones just on a cable for them to test this theory I may yet buy the Meier Audio cable for them though, as apparently it's only about 20... There are comparisons of all the various cables available though with microphonics compared, so go do some power googling to find them!

Back on point... The HD650s are probably the best headphones you'll buy this side of 1,000 when it comes to sheer performance. They are exceptionally accurate both in terms of soundstage and frequency response, although you can get fooled into thinking that all headphones sound as good as these and then produce some shockingly bad mixes! The golden rule, as always, is to always, ALWAYS, compare your mixes and never solely rely on these headphones for a mix unless you have a crystal clear concept of how your mixes will translate.

However, for studio and general listening, I don't think you can beat the sound of the HD650s unless you have four figures to spend.
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